Using Infographics to Increase User Engagement AND Gain Natural Back Links

Using Infographics to Increase User Engagement AND Gain Natural Back Links

May 25, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

With (yet another) new round of Google penalties for poor linking practices having damaged a great many websites who used rather overzealous and questionable linking tactics – contributing to blog “networks”, keyword stuffing, publishing spun content were all biggies – the need for original site content that is engaging for users and attractive for search bots is possibly more important than ever before.

Most people realize that images can play a huge role in user engagement, both on your own website and out there in social media land. In fact, according to Facebook, posts with images achieve twice the engagement rate posts without do. However, coming up with great, engaging images that are relevant every time, several times a day, can be tough (and expensive when you look at the cost of good stock photography.)

 Enter the Infographic

The one kind of graphic that any business can make great use of though is an infographic. All they really are are large storyboards that share information and statistics in a visual as well as text form.

Infographics work on a great many different levels. Internet users tend to have short attention spans – an all text post about something as potentially snooze-worthy (but important) as a list of sale prices or product comparisons (which are, of course, actually very useful)  may not be something that a lot of people will take the time to read.

Present the same information in the form of an infographic though and you have an easy to understand, eye-catching way to get your point across with ease. And infographics are of course great for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even LinkedIn as well. They also make great additions to an email newsletter and can even be printed out for display and handout use if your business has a physical presence.

Infographics and SEO

As well as being great for user engagement infographics can give your site a big SEO boost. Come up with a really informative one and you will find that a lot of people will link directly to it, so that they can benefit from its appeal themselves. What you quickly gain are NATURAL, RELEVANT links that you did not even have to ask for – exactly what Google is looking for in a good site. That’s a huge bonus right there.

Infographics: Hire a Pro or DIY?

Infographics are not easy to create. Or at least that is how it seems. As they can be so useful – and used in so many different ways – it may be worth paying a freelance contractor on a site like Fivver or UpWork to create one for you. There are many talented contractors who can, and usually creat them at a reasonable price.

If you would like to keep things in-house however, there are a number of ‘infographic makers’ you can try out. Canva has a good (free) infographic maker that’s an excellent choice for beginners, or, if you feel you can tackle a slightly higher learning curve and are both great choices.

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