How to Harness the Power of the Welcome Email

How to Harness the Power of the Welcome Email

June 8, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Email marketing remains one of the most effective tactics for acquiring, converting, and retaining customers—but only when done right. And that starts with your welcome email.

When you gain a new email subscriber—someone who willingly shared their email address with your company—they deserve a warm welcome. Welcome emails are better opened and better-read than any other marketing emails your company will send. They bridge the gap between collecting leads and converting them to customers, allow you to introduce your business and educate readers about your offerings. When you send an effective welcome email, you start a relationship with your subscribers that can last for many more emails—and sales—to come. But how do you write a good one? Here are some helpful tips:

Nail the Introduction

Your email should include a clear, straightforward subject line (like “Welcome to !”) and an introduction to your business and its offerings. To personalize the email and differentiate it from the marketing emails to come, try sending the welcome email from a specific person in your company, rather than just a generic company address. Consumers like seeing that there are real people behind a brand and ‘proving’ it from the start can be an excellent engagement strategy.

Build Some Expectations

Signing up for any email list involves some mystery for subscribers. Will the company send emails on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis? What exactly will be in these emails: promotions, special offers, helpful tips, company news, event information?
While you have their attention, tell new subscribers what kind of emails they’re going to receive and how often they’ll receive them. It’s better to be upfront about your intentions now than annoy prospects over time with unexpected emails, which can lead them to unsubscribe from your list altogether —and lose interest in – or maybe even form a negative opinion – of your company.

‘Tease’ Some Benefits

When everyone already gets more than their fair share of email, why should subscribers volunteer for more email from you? Don’t assume that subscribers really understand how your emails will benefit them. For this reason, devote a part of your initial welcome message to explaining – or even ‘teasing’ – just what subscribers will learn or gain as they hear from you.

Ask for a Favor

Now that your new subscribers now understand who you are, what you’ll be sending, and how your emails are going to help them if your welcome email has done its job they should now trust you a little more than they did when they signed up for your emails. So now you can ask a small favor or two in return.

One of the best ways you can close a welcome email is to ask for two specific “micro-commitments” that both move the relationship forward and help ensure continued communication. Ask subscribers to follow you on one – or more – of your social channels – explaining that doing so could gain them even more – and also to ‘whitelist’ your emails.

By doing this, even if only a small percentage of your readers actually comply with the request this can help improve your sender deliverability rate and give your SMM efforts a little boost, just by adding an extra sentence or two.

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