Wholesale Product Spotlight – Solar Garden Wall Lantern

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Solar Garden Wall Lantern

June 20, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

For those who like to spend lots of time in their outdoor living space – which is so many of us these days – great outdoor home decor is every bit as important as indoor home decor. And as any decor expert knows great lighting is an important element of any home decor scheme, either indoors or out. When it comes to providing elegance and beauty a wall sconce is hard to beat. And our Solar Garden Wall Lantern makes adding the perfect outdoor lighting to your home affordable and easy as well.

The Solar Garden Wall Lantern is the perfect combination of marvelous modern technology and old-fashioned charm. This glass and iron lantern is a striking take on the carriage lanterns of old, with intricate scrolls and swirls and hung from an easy to mount scrollwork wallplate.

But all this vintage beauty hides a very modern secret – solar panels that collect energy all day long so that once dusk falls your outdoor space can be softly illuminated at night without the need for batteries or electricity. Not only is this far more energy efficient than standard lighting but it means that the light can be placed wherever you like. Add a lantern to your garden patio, porch, even a garden gazebo, the choice is yours as there is no electricity to worry about.

The Solar Garden Wall Lantern measures a generous 10″ x 7″ x 16 1/2″ high and has two predrilled holes on the back for easy mounting.

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