Effective Link Building Techniques That Still Work in 2018

Effective Link Building Techniques That Still Work in 2018

August 31, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Link building. It’s time-consuming, often confusing and sometimes downright tedious. Plenty of even the most “expert” of webmasters just wish that it wasn’t necessary, that the search engines would start paying less attention to who is linking to a website. But that is not going to happen in the foreseeable future.

Links are still the easiest way for a search engine bot to determine the importance and trustworthiness of any site on the Web. Content quality has become far more important than it was perhaps before the coming of the great Google Panda way back in in 2011, but links are still an important ranking factor whatever your website’s niche.

Good links are hard work to build, there is no avoiding that fact. If a link building strategy seems very easy then it’s almost certainly a bad, black hat one to be avoided at all costs. So how should you go about building links in 2018 that will make Google happy and attract extra traffic to your website at the same time? Here are just a few ideas.

Get Some List Love

Every piece of content on your site must be worth linking to. And that means creating content that people will search for and that people will be so entertained by that they will consider linking to it. One of the content types that consistently attracts attention – and love – are good lists. So why not

Create a “20 Ways” list. These lists get Tweeted and Facebook Liked all the time and other content producers often can’t resist linking to them. These don’t have to be text pieces. Video lists can be entertaining and informative and can be a great way to showcase your products at the same time.

How to lists are often a huge draw as well. But make your list useful. “How to Put Pants on Your Dog” is not a useful list. (Yes, that article existed)

Top ten lists are yet another big draw. Make your top ten lists (a) good and (b) directly related to your niche and apart from being great link bait – the good kind, not the frowned upon teaser kind – they will help cement your reputation as an expert in your field.

Command Some Respect

Positioning yourself as a reputable, authoritative source of information is essential to your overall business brand online but it especially important for linking purposes. If you are hoping to gain some high-value links for your website, then you have to make that great first impression. Write about what you know, not just what you think is popular and you might be surprised to find that it attracts both high-quality links and a greater interest in your content as well.

Directories and Social Bookmarking

Directory submission has changed a great deal over the years. Once considered the cornerstone of the Internet many directories have either died a natural death in the face of the size of Google or have become so spammy that they in themselves have become considered very bad places to be linked in.

There are however still some directories worth listing with. BOTW (Best of the Web) Jayde and Alive are all still good options. But it’s for local businesses that directories still hold the most importance linkwise.

That means your business should have listings on Google Business, Bing Places, Yahoo! and Yellow Pages at the very least. If you have a physical retail presence you should have updated and optimized profiles on Yelp! and Foursquare as well. To gain even more relevant local links you should also seek out good, reputable local business directories and submit your site to them as well. Even better? Join your local Chamber of Commerce and get a nice and prestigious link from them, as well as the possibility of other members linking to your website from their own.

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