KHD Buzz – Report: Stores Need Tech to Survive, Target Tests Shopper Facial Recognition and More

KHD Buzz – Report: Stores Need Tech to Survive, Target Tests Shopper Facial Recognition and More

August 27, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Report: Retail Stores That Lack Technology Will Fail

According to a new study undertaken by SOTI, a mobile technology company that surveyed consumers in the US, UK, and Australia retail stores can, in the minds of consumers, still play a useful role in their shopping plans. But, the survey found,  only if those stores have embraced some of the biggest trends in retail technology and can meet their desire for speed and efficiency when shopping by offering things like self-checkouts, in-store mobile pricing checks and mobile-based payment options. Read More

Target, Other Big Retailers Testing In-Store Facial Recognition Technology

Although a number of  studies and surveys have found that many consumers are rather wary of the idea of facial recognition, a recent piece published in Buzzfeed News showcased the facial recognition technology company FaceFirst and big retailers are warming to the idea, with Target admitting to having already run extensive trials in store and other big retailers poised to follow suit. Read More

Google Plans to Open Its First Retail Store

Although it has been talked about in the past with no apparent action other than a handful of pop-up store experiments, according to various industry sources Google is finally ready to open their first permanent physical retail store in Chicago. Read More

Infographic: The Psychology of Advertising: Thinking vs. Feeling

US consumers are exposed to nearly two million TV and online advertisements and commercials, on average, each year. That means it’s increasingly difficult for marketers to break through to make their ads some of the few that people actually remember.

But there are ways you can help your ads be seen and recalled. Emotional content tends to outperform rational content, according to this infographic by USC Dornsife College.

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