KHD Buzz – Competing with Amazon, Recouping Returns Losses & More

KHD Buzz – Competing with Amazon, Recouping Returns Losses & More

September 3, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

How the Supreme Court Tax Ruling Will Change Online Retail

Back in June, the US Supreme Court sent down a landmark ruling that opens the door for the 45 states that charge State sales tax to begin doing so in regard to online retail. But what will that really mean for online retailers in 2019, especially the smaller concerns? This Forbes editorial tackles the issue head-on and makes some interesting predictions. Read More

Yes, Small Businesses Can Compete with Amazon This Holiday Season

Amazon may now have a huge share of the online shopping market in the US, but they don’t have it all. And according to one small business growth expert competing with Amazon this coming holiday season is far from impossible for the smaller retail concern. Read More

The Innovative Way Some Retailers are Recouping Their Costs on Returned Goods


No retailer, large or small, likes dealing with returns, especially with the loss of revenue they represent. Now, however, some retailers, led by outdoor goods specialists REI are finding innovative new ways to recoup some of those costs. Read More

Infographic: Pinterest for Business in 2018

Pinterest remains a very effective social media marketing option for retailers of all sizes, but many are still unsure just how to make use of it to their best advantage. This infographic attempts to clear some of that confusion up.

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