How Small Retail Businesses Can Still Compete with the ‘Big Boys’ This Holiday Season

How Small Retail Businesses Can Still Compete with the ‘Big Boys’ This Holiday Season

September 21, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

If you run a small retail business you may be doubting your ability to compete with larger retailers this holiday season, especially the retail behemoth that is Amazon. But there are still plenty of ways smaller retailers – both brick and mortar stores and e-commerce concerns can still compete with the big boys and succeed. Here are just some holiday marketing trends that your small business can take advantage of to get a leg up.

Timing is Everything

If you’re one of those people that thinks the holiday season starts well before the month of November you are absolutely right. In fact, 40 percent of consumers start their holiday shopping before November starts, with 13 percent starting before September ends. Last year, Amazon released a splashy teaser for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales almost a month early and are likely to do so again this year. If you want to compete with those large retailers, start thinking about and offering your holiday promotions before Halloween is over at the very least.

Social is Still Special

There’s no denying that social media is still a great digital marketing channel and this is especially true during the holidays. In 2017, according to an Adweek report, 64.8 percent of shoppers used social media to find the perfect gift, while 67 percent of shoppers were influenced to purchase from a social media post.

With this in mind, advertise as many products as you can via social media during the holiday season because people will be actively searching there for gift ideas while also keeping up that all-important social conversation. The holidays are a great time for things like photo contests and ‘tips and tricks’ of all kinds usually go over very well on social media, so start creating similar content in relation to your offerings, both for your onsite blog and your various social media channels.

Cater for Mobile

Mobile, in general, is a huge marketing trend for the holiday season as well. In 2017, mobile in-store searches were up over 30 percent compared to previous years. That means shoppers are looking at the physical product in-store and the product online simultaneously to get the most information they can – and potentially the best price.

To take advantage of this, make sure that your product pages are easy for mobile users to navigate and that your store search functionality allows them to find what they are looking for efficiently and easily.

Online Retailers: Don’t Skip Cyber Monday

The big appeal for Cyber Monday shoppers is the convenience of being able to get the best deals from the comfort of their own homes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this day. Cyber Monday alone topped $6.5 billion in sales in 2017, a record for the industry and pundits are expecting even bigger numbers for 2018.

Up Your Perk Game

Everyone, and we mean everyone, loves perks, especially at this time of year. This seems like a basic marketing strategy, but perks can make or break your sales during the holiday season, especially when larger retailers seem to be able to afford a lot of them.

For online retailers, if you’re a little tighter on budget, and free shipping is not an option, offer the fastest shipping you can at the very best price. Often, research has found, people are happier to pay for shipping that will get them their items quickly than they are with slower, free shipping that might let them down (especially as the ‘big days’ get closer).

All retailers can cash in by offering limited time use coupons and discounts and for a physical store one day sales that fall outside the norm (ie Black Friday) staged closer to the end of the holiday shopping season can be a big draw as well, because as early as many consumers do start their holiday shopping these days there are always going to be those last minute shoppers who need help too!

Show Some Holiday Spirit

Except for the occasional grinch, everyone has a little holiday spirit inside of them. Decorate your brick-and-mortar store with some cheer, and tweak your website to feel more appropriate for the season. You never know, your holiday spirit alone may influence an extra purchase or two.

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