KHD Buzz – The Impact of 11.11, Customer Retention Tips, Beating Bezos and More

KHD Buzz – The Impact of 11.11, Customer Retention Tips, Beating Bezos and More

November 5, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

How New Online Shopping ‘Holidays’ Are Changing the Retail Landscape

First, there was Amazon Prime Day, an event that practically created a new summer holiday. Then Chinese retail giant brought its 11-11 Singles Day holiday to the US last year and netted $25 billion in the process, more than Macy’s entire revenue for the year. As 11.11 rolls around again, other retailers are planning to follow suit and some pundits say that these ‘new’ shopping holidays may change the retail landscape forever. Read More 

Beating Bezos: How Companies are Taming the Amazon Beast

At a recent retail summit in Philadelphia, the heads of some very innovative companies such as Rent the Runway and Revzilla discussed their strategies for ‘beating’ Amazon, and those apparently include coming to terms with the fact that it’s not actually possible. Read More

Even in An Improved Economic Climate, Off-Price Retail is Still Thriving

One retail niche that has thrived over the last few very uncertain years for the industry as a whole is off-price retail. And even though the economy is improving budget-conscious consumers are still driving its growth. Read More

Infographic:  Why Customers Leave—and How You Can Keep Them

Customer retention is hard. Harder than many realize. CallMiner, a company that analyzes voice calls to improve agent performance, created an infographic that explores the top reasons customers leave, along with how you can better communicate on the platforms they prefer and what customers say it takes to gain their loyalty.

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