Great Reasons to Offer a Holiday Gift Guide This Year

Great Reasons to Offer a Holiday Gift Guide This Year

November 16, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Everyone wants to give their friends and family members the perfect gift during the holidays but the huge number of choices on the internet and in offline bricks and mortar stores can be overwhelming. That’s why many consumers click on holiday gift guides from major retailers, online magazines and blogs. A great guide helps them narrow down the choices and locate that perfect item with just a few clicks.

Want to be this year’s most helpful secret Santa? Just follow these simple steps to create your own holiday gift guide.

The Holiday Whos

One great way to create a really useful Gift Guide is to think of a particular buyer persona and create a section in your guide for them. For example; Gifts for the Techy, Gifts for the Fashionista etc…You can also offer more simplistic categories such as Gifts for Him and Gifts for Her. Either way, make sure you have your target audience in mind at all times.

Spoiled for Choice

When it comes to a solid gift guide, featuring more than 10 items per target market can be a bit overwhelming. It is often better to showcase fewer products, with great product photos and descriptions, rather than overload your potential customers with 30 or 40 different items to choose from. It’s often said that when people have too many things to choose from they end up choosing nothing instead, so make sure that your guide is thorough, but also easy enough to navigate.

Promote, Promote, Promote

There is little point in taking the time – and dedicating the resources – to create a gift guide if no one is going to see it. In addition to promoting it on your website and across your social media channels, convert it into a PDF and include it an email marketing campaign. And obviously, if yours is a bricks and mortar retail business printing it out as a physical leaflet/booklet is something of a must.

Create a Holiday Gift Guide on Pinterest

Make your holiday gift guide do double duty by adding those same items to a gift guide board on Pinterest! Pinterest is a great way for people to visualize products as gifts, so again this comes back to having great product photos so that you will get those pinners excited about what you have to offer.

If you do make use of Pinterest for this purpose don’t overlook the fact that Pinterest can be used as an additional sales channel in itself. Buyable Pins work seamlessly across mobile and the web, so you can make the sale whenever someone’s ready to buy. When a customer orders (using credit card or Apple Pay), all order and payment information will be sent to you for processing. You still get to handle shipping and customer service the way you always have, and Pinterest doesn’t take a cut from your sales.

In short, Buyable Pins, in allowing customers to discover and buy your products right from Pinterest, reduces friction and improves conversion, resulting in a seamless eCommerce experience.

Timing is Everything

Lastly, be sure to get your gift guide up as early as possible this season. A lot of people are already doing their holiday shopping, and especially if you are offering products that need time for production or shipping, you want to give your customers enough time to make those holiday gift-buying decisions.

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