KHD Buzz – Online Retail’s Big Holiday Challenge, eBay Goes Retro for the Holidays and More

KHD Buzz – Online Retail’s Big Holiday Challenge, eBay Goes Retro for the Holidays and More

November 19, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

This Holiday Shopping Season May Be a Huge Challenge For Online Retail’s Digital Readiness

By all accounts with a more stable economy and with consumer confidence high, this holiday season is likely to be a bumper one for online retailers. But according to many experts – and some new reports – the biggest challenge any online retail store faces this holiday season may be ensuring their digital assets are ready to meet the increased demand. Read More

A World Without Physical Retail Stores? Most Online Shoppers Can’t Imagine It

A new research study conducted by consumer scientists at the University of Arizona set out to find out how the most avid of online shoppers would feel about a world in which all shopping was conducted online. And the results indicate that most consumers still want to head to a physical store, at least once in a while. Read More

eBay Launches Print Catalog Highlighting Holiday Toys of All Kinds

The toy market is a very competitive space this year as retailers try to fill the space left by the demise of Toys R Us. For its part, eBay has decided to launch its own ‘old-fashioned’ print catalog highlighting all the delights shoppers can expect to find there, including the retro and vintage toys they may not be able to find anywhere else. Read More

Infographic: Top Ten Marketing Video Trends

It used to be that video itself was different enough from other types of marketing content that it would better grab your audience’s attention. But now that video has become mainstream, you need to be thinking about how to make your videos stand out from those of your competitors.

This infographic by video-on-demand platform Uscreen shares 10 video trends that are helping content creators and marketers take their videos to the next level.



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