KHD Buzz – How Green is Retail, Online Retail Deception Claims, Wall St. Cools On Retail Stocks and More

KHD Buzz – How Green is Retail, Online Retail Deception Claims, Wall St. Cools On Retail Stocks and More

November 26, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

What’s ‘Greener’ – Online or Offline Retail?

The environment – and the impact that humans have on it – is never far from the headlines. As the holiday shopping season approaches experts are weighing in on which ‘kind’ of retail store – online or brick and mortar – has the largest impact on the planet’s well being. And some of the answers may surprise you. Read More

Subscriber Beware. Online Subscription Retailer Faces FTC Scrutiny Over ‘Deceptive Practices’, Others May Be in Trouble Too

Recurring subscription retail is booming, with everything from clothing yourself to cooking – and almost anything in between being made ‘easier’ thanks to a monthly box. However, some of these merchants are engaging in practices that the FTC feel may be misleading. An investigation of lingerie retailer Adore Me has been in news over the few weeks but according to consumer groups and the FTC themselves, this is far from the only company of this type that may be in trouble. Read More

Big Retail Stocks Drop Despite Apparent Boom

In recent months it has seemed to many that the long-predicted retail apocolypse had been averted and previously faltering retail giants were heading out of trouble. Some poorer than expected third-quarter results have Wall Street thinking differently though, and some big retail stocks have taken a nosedive in recent weeks, including Target and Kohls. Read More

Infographic: the Rise of the Pop Up Shop

Retailers both large and small – and especially online retailers looking to dip a toe into the offline retail pond – are increasingly turning to pop up shops to do so. And for some the idea is really paying off, as this infographic demonstrates:

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