KHD Buzz – Amazon Air Gets Serious, The Future of Retail and AI, The Best Retailers to Work For and More

KHD Buzz – Amazon Air Gets Serious, The Future of Retail and AI, The Best Retailers to Work For and More

December 10, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Glassdoor Report: Best Retailers to Work For

Every company wants happy employees, because happy employees = greater productivity and lower turnover. But who are the best retailers to work for these days? A recently released Glassdoor report took all of the employer reviews posted on their cite over the past year and came up with a list, and the top ten may not be the companies you were expecting. Read More

Report: Retail Industry Will Be Among Those Most Significantly Impacted By AI

Companies in the retail, aerospace and defense sectors are likely to be the most transformed by artificial intelligence in the years ahead, according to a market analysis by UBS Group AG. But just what do they foresee AI doing in the retail space that will be so transformative? Read More

Amazon Air Seen As Serious Threat to UPS and Fedex

Amazon is expanding once again, this time into the air freight business. And according to many Wall Street analysts that could spell big trouble for UPS and Fedex. Morgan Stanley analyst Ravi Shanker said in a reportĀ  that both delivery giants could lose 10% of their revenue to Amazon Air by 2025, which immediately caused a nosedive in the stock prices of both concerns. Read More


Infographic: Voice Shopping is the Next Big Thing in Retail

Did you know thatĀ 1 in 3 US shoppers have used voice searching when purchasing products online? By 2020, it is expected that more than half of online shoppers will be using a voice assistant to make purchases online. These snippets and more are featured in the predictive infographic below.

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