Wholesale Product Spotlight – Deco Mirror Wall Sconce Set

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Deco Mirror Wall Sconce Set

December 19, 2018 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Once all of the holiday decorations are taken down for another year the average homeowner is often left with the feeling that their walls suddenly look rather bare and dark now that all the lights and garlands are gone. And with months still to go until spring arrives that can be a rather depressing thought – and decor look. But no need for that, our Deco Mirror Wall Sconce Set can solve the problem stylishly and elegantly.

This pair of generously sized, easy to mount wall sconces are fashioned after the Art Deco styles of old, and their distressed white wood finish even gives them a lovely vintage vibe that will enhance almost any home decor style. Able to accommodate the pillar candle of your choice these delightful sconces will illuminate any space in sparkling style while also adding that extra visual interest that’s missing now the holidays are gone.

Each of Deco Mirror Wall Sconces measures a generous 6¾” x 5¼” x 17¼” high and is crafted from high quality MDF wood and iron.

Buy the Deco Mirror Wall Sconce Set wholesale at Koehler Home Decor.


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