Wholesale Product Spotlight – Swirl Oil Warmer

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Swirl Oil Warmer

June 15, 2022 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Scented oils are a great way to enhance or improve the fragrance of our homes, but they can also help improve our mood, because when we smell something pleasant it brings a smile to our face, lifts our spirits and improves our mood. Making use of a scented oil warmer like our bestselling Swirl Oil Warmer offers another benefit too; it makes a strikingly attractive addition to your home decor scheme.

The Swirl Oil Warmer is a vision in iron and glass that offers a fascinatingly sculptured design that is a great example of the appeal of modern art in home decor. The twisting, twirling base holds a glass dish in which your favorite essential oil can be placed and then the tealight candle of your choice can be set underneath and lit to warm the oil gently and evenly from below, filling the space with fragrance and a soft, flickering candlelight.

The effect can be almost magical to experience and our Swirl Oil Warmer can be placed to great effect in any space in the home. Place it in the bedroom, and make use of a soothing relaxing essential oil such as lavender and it may promote more restful sleep. Add the oil warmer to your home office, and choose an energizing scent like lemon or peppermint and it may increase your productivity.

The Swirl Oil Warmer stands a generous 5″ x 5″ x 3.75″ high and in addition to being great for use in almost any room in your home also makes a wonderful any time gift for anyone who appreciates beautiful scents and elegant home decor pieces.

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