Simple Ways To Make Sure Your Brand Gets the Instagram Attention It Deserves

Simple Ways To Make Sure Your Brand Gets the Instagram Attention It Deserves

March 8, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Instagram has continued to enjoy a significant spike in popularity over the past few years, even as the appeal of some of the other social media sites have diminished. In fact, since 2015, the number of Instagram users has more than doubled, reaching one billion users just last year. And as it has grown, the opportunities it presents for all kinds of businesses, but especially retail businesses, has increased.

Instagram has had a substantial impact for retail brands – including smaller ones – who have taken the time to create a presence for their business on the platform. It’s now become a hub for e-commerce, a channel for customer service and even a source for digital advertising. However, Instagram’s ever-changing feed algorithm has made it increasingly difficult for accounts to be seen organically.

But, as is the case for your efforts on Instagram’s ‘parent’, Facebook, there are some ‘evergreen’ strategies you can implement that will help you cut through the noise and get your brand noticed on Instagram no matter what its algorithm might be favoring this week.

Make Use of Instagram Stories On a Daily Basis

Instagram’s best tool for engagement, by far, is Instagram Stories. Stories allows you include polls, questions, and hashtags, all of which fuel customer response and participation. Not only will people answer the question you’ve posed, they’ll often engage with you and others over the topic you’ve chosen.

Your job is to find a topic that really sparks interest, then be an active participant in that conversation. These are often simpler to brainstorm than you might think however. Often a simple question about, for example, which color option consumers prefer for a certain product can be hugely engaging, especially as answering it only requires users to respond with a single click.

Instagram Stories also allows you to post more frequently without overwhelming users by flooding their main feed with image after image in a short period of time. And if the content you post in your Stories is consistently good your followers will start clicking on your little story circle at the top of their feed as a matter of habit, creating a brand loyalty that can prove invaluable.

Post in Feeds at the Right Time

Even when making use of Instagram Stories you will still need to create individual, main feed posts and how often these are seen by users, and how effective they are, is often dependent on the time of day that you post.

Often the best time to post is not within standard ‘business hours’. Think about when you personally check in with your own social media. It’s likely to be first thing in the morning, during your lunch hour, or right before you go to bed right? The same is likely to be true for your followers.

Create a Consistent Brand Look

Because Instagram is an almost completely visual platform, users rely on the look of your brand’s posts in order to recognize you. Unsurprisingly, the Instagram posts that get the highest levels of engagement are consistent in the look of their images. For example, they use the same filters, a similar color scheme, or just a consistent style of photography. The same is true of the brand’s ‘voice’, the hashtags and even the tone of the language used in the captions should be easy to recognize as ‘you’.

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