KHD Buzz – Tj Maxx Thrives As Others Fall, Venmo Goes Mainstream and More

KHD Buzz – Tj Maxx Thrives As Others Fall, Venmo Goes Mainstream and More

March 4, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

TJ Maxx is Thriving…On Other Companies Misfortunes

In the midst of ongoing high profile retail failures one mall staple is thriving, the discount retailer TJ Maxx. And as this article highlights, much of that growth has come as a result of the demise of other businesses, including Payless Shoesource, Gymboree and more. Read More 

Venmo to Expand Its Retailer Partnerships

Millennials and Gen Z’ers love Venmo, and have helped propel the Paypal owned mobile payment solution to huge growth over the past 12 months. Once primarily a tool for paying for pizza and rent the company is now expanding its retail partnerships, with many vendors beginning to offer in store Venmo payment options to help attract the lucrative, big spending younger generations that are Venmo’s primary demographic. Read More

Two Out of Three Retail Workers Believe Tech Will Change Their Responsibilities, But Not Replace Them

According to a new report based on a large survey of retail workers by The Fair Workweek Initiative, two out three retail workers believe that tech will cause significant changes to their job responsibilities in the near future, but perhaps surprisingly, 62% of those who state that are optimistic about it. Read More

FTC Settles First Ever ‘Fake Online Review’ Lawsuit

The Federal Trade Commission has settled the first-ever lawsuit they have brought against a company for commissioning fake paid reviews on retail sites like Amazon. But the company behind those reviews was not let off lightly. Read More.

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