Great Customer Service Builds Customer Loyalty

November 16, 2011 Off By Koehler Home Decor

The internet is a vast and deep market that can seem endless and boundless, maintaining great customer service can make you stand out from the crowd. Especially in the gift and home decor markets, where people are always trying to find something new to give to friends or family members, and unique pieces can be sold to people in every country across the world.

However, no matter how great your products are, or how thorough your web marketing campaign, if you don’t provide great customer service, you won’t get repeat customers. Customer loyalty is not only important because your customers purchase from you again, but it also means that they will act as your best marketers, telling their friends and family about your great business.

Taking the time to familiarize yourself with the simple rules of providing good customer service can pay off in the long term. And it goes beyond “the customer is always right”. In fact, these days, the customer doesn’t always want to be right, they just want to be listened to and treated fairly. Customers want to be respected and they want to know that you run an honest and straight forward business. You should never argue with unhappy customers. Ensure that when a customer has a complaint or concern, you listen fully and tell them that their feedback is appreciated. Let them know you will do all you can to solve the problem. Unfortunately, sometimes folks are out to simply take advantage, so be wary. Establish clear policies and make them public on your store website. It is important that you have a fair policy for every situation that may occur including missing items, returns and shipping charges. Your best customer service begins with clear store policies.

When there is a problem with an order, or if something arrives broken and a customer needs a replacement, consider the investment as part of a long term relationship. If you simply refuse to replace an item, or you make it too difficult for a customer to get a replacement, that customer will never purchase something from you again, no matter how much they like what you are offering. In the worst cases, they will tell others that you were unfair and offered poor customer service, which goes a long way toward discouraging potential customers. However, if you answer your phones and messages promptly, respect your customers and fix their issues quickly, they will realize that you are a worthy business to patronize, and they will tell their friends about the great service you provide.

There is no better marketing than the recommendation of a friend. That is one of the reasons why social networking is such a powerful tool for businesses to use. Within a day, a link to your website may be clicked on by hundreds of people, and passed on to thousands.

Take the time and make the effort to get to know your customers and develop customer loyalty. People are always buying gifts, and when they find a store that they like they will go back again and again. Additionally, consumers are much more likely to take the recommendation of a friend than to use an unknown website, so consider your customers an asset that needs cultivation, and make the customer your top priority.

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