New at KHD – Marvelous Mermaid Collection

New at KHD – Marvelous Mermaid Collection

March 13, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

One of the most fascinating, and enduring, legends of the sea is that of the mermaid. A mermaid is, according to legend, a beautiful creature that is half woman, half fish and while sometimes dangerous, an amazing sight to behold. There is nothing dangerous about our new Marvelous Mermaid Collection, but they are certainly as stunning as a mermaid is supposed to be.

Each of the pieces – four figurines and a generously sized candle holder – feature beautiful blonde mermaids in a variety of attractive poses. All are crafted from a durable Polyresin and feature vivid colors and amazing details that help bring these pieces to life. Perfect for displaying alone or as a part of a group, these mermaids would make the perfect addition to a bathroom, a bedroom or anywhere you would like to add a little touch of the sea.

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