KHD Buzz – The Rise of 3rd Party Amazon Sellers, Walmarts Getting a ‘Tech’ Facelift and More

KHD Buzz – The Rise of 3rd Party Amazon Sellers, Walmarts Getting a ‘Tech’ Facelift and More

April 15, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Jeff Bezos: Our Independent Sellers Are ‘Kicking Our Butts’

Everyone knows how fast Amazon has grown – and continues to grow – over the past few years. But according to founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, it’s not all about them, as sales of merchandise on the platform by small and medium-sized independent businesses have grown at a much faster rate than Amazon’s own first-party merchandise sales. Read More

Report: Retail Apocalypse Will Lead to 75,000 More Store Closures By 2026

Is the retail apocalypse real or not? It’s a question that analysts keep debating. But according to a new report from invest firm UBS they believe the argument is over and the the ‘apocalypse’ will lead to 75,000 more US store closures by 2026. Read More

Walmart To Give 500 Stores ‘Tech Makeovers’ to Compete with eCommerce

To keep up with the consumers’ love of tech when shopping – especially that of Millennials and Gen Z – according to to Financial Times Walmart is planning to give 500 stores a tech makeover, adding things like extra self checkouts , interactive product displays and brighter lighting. Read More

Infographic: How To Use Them For Lead Generation

Content marketers know that infographics can drive website traffic, because they know that visual content tends to be good at engaging audiences marketers are trying to attract.

It stands to reason, then, that if a piece of content can attract and engage, it can also be used to drive conversions—generating leads from website visitors.

That’s exactly what an infographic from performance-marketing agency Spiralytics points out.

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