KHD Buzz -Instagram’s Fake Fashion Woes, Cashless Stores and More

KHD Buzz -Instagram’s Fake Fashion Woes, Cashless Stores and More

May 13, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Instagram’s Fake Fashion Woes Worsen

Aside from being a great place to find stunning images of high fashion clothing, jewelry and accessories online, Instagram is increasingly becoming the ‘best’ place to purchase counterfeit versions of these goods. And the problem is worsening, much to the ire of those companies who are being ‘ripped off’ Read More

San Francisco Latest City to ban Cashless Stores

Joining Philadelphia and the entire State of New Jersey, San Francisco is enacting a legal ban on cashless stores, with New York set to join them very soon as well. Read More

Amazon’s 1 Day Shipping Can Now Reach 72% of US Households

Stepping up their bid to make one day shipping the standard offering for Amazon Prime members, a new report states that the company can now reach 72% of US households in this way. This news is causing waves with more than just impatient consumers though, as WalMart tries o come up with ways to effectively offer 1 day shipping as well. Read More

Warehouse And Logistics Startup Flexe Raises $43M

A start up that aims to help small and midsize retailers compete in Amazon’s one day shipping world, Flexe, has been able to raise $43 million in a Series B funding round. Dubbed the ‘Airbnb of warehousing’ the company connects retailers with warehouse space that would otherwise not be used. Read More

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