KHD Buzz – The Impact of Emotion on Retail, Fed Ex Partners with Dollar General and More

KHD Buzz – The Impact of Emotion on Retail, Fed Ex Partners with Dollar General and More

June 24, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Shopify Launching Fulfillment Services for Subscribers

Shopify announced last week that they will be launching their own Fulfillment Services program that will allow their users to make use of a network of centers all over North America to store and ship their goods more efficently. Read More

Study Reveals the Impact of Emotion on Retail

Although a lot is being written about it, data shows that of experiential retail hasn’t yet hit the mass market. That, however, may be a mistake according to a new report from Forrester and FocusVision indicating the concept can have a much bigger positive impact than previously thought. Read More

Fed Ex to Offer Pick Up and Drop Off Services at Dollar General Stores

Dollar General has become well known for its unique rural footprint and the fact that it is one of the few retail chains that is still thriving and adding, rather than closing stores. Now Fed Ex is taking advantage of all that by expanding their Retail Convenience Network to include Dollar General stores. Read More

Lessons From Target’s Register Outages

According to experts, the massive register and payment system outages suffered by Target recently should serve as a wake up call to all retailers to pay more attention to the growing role of third party technology in both online and brick and mortar retail. Read More

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