Wholesale Product Spotlight – Rainbow Butterfly Windchime

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Rainbow Butterfly Windchime

June 26, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Windchimes have been fixtures in homes all over the world since ancient times. They are believed to ward off bad luck, balance a home’s Feng Shui and can warn of oncoming storms long before Siri does. Our Rainbow Butterfly Windchime will also add whimsy and color to any space.

The Rainbow Butterfly Windchime is a vision in acrylic and metal featuring a bevy of brightly colored butterflies that dance in the wind while tiny charms tinkle away delicately, adding the soothing sounds of summer to even the dreariest of days.

The Rainbow Butterfly Windchime makes a wonderful home decor addition to any space, from porches and patios to kitchen or bedroom windows. It also makes a wonderful any time gift for the nature lover in your life.

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