KHD Buzz – Kohl’s Is Winning With Amazon Partnership, Trump Delays China Tariffs and More

KHD Buzz – Kohl’s Is Winning With Amazon Partnership, Trump Delays China Tariffs and More

August 19, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Kohl’s Amazon Partnership Is Paying Off Big Time

Kohl’s new partnership with Amazon – which allows consumers to return Amazon goods in store – is paying off for them, as according to new figures it has resulted in a 24% increase in store foot traffic in less than a month. Read More

Donald Trump Delays China Tariffs

Last week Donald Trump announced a delay in the implementation of his trade tariffs on China, which were set to go into effect on September 1st. The move, analysts say, comes as he publicly continues to refute the analysis and evidence that existing tariffs have already harmed the American consumer and a new round so close to the holiday shopping season would be even more harmful. Read More

Senators Want To Know How Amazon Makes Its Choices

Two Senators contacted Jeff Bezos recently with a very specific question. They want him to explain how Amazon determines which products are featured as ‘Amazon’s Choice’ on the website, as they are concerned that the label is deceiving consumers into purchasing “products of inferior quality.” Read More

Walmart Temporarily Bans ‘Violent’ Video Game Displays

Following two tragic shootings inside its stores, Walmart is removing violent video game displays and signs from stores, the retailer confirmed last week. This comes despite the fact that there is no credible evidence that the games affect real life behavior. Read More

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