Understanding the Value of Each Social Media Site for Holiday Marketing

Understanding the Value of Each Social Media Site for Holiday Marketing

November 15, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Social media offers retail businesses great inbound marketing opportunities, along with brand building and user engagement boosts all year long. But those opportunities increase in the run up to the winter holidays and the biggest shopping season of the year.

The influence of social media on shoppers is still increasing. In 2016 45% of those polled in a National Retail Federation survey said social media influenced that their holiday shopping. When the same survey was carried out in 2018 that number rose to 58%.

So being active on social media is almost a must. But where? And what can you make use of? Understanding what each network can bring to your business and posting the right content to the right networks is an important part of any holiday social media marketing campaign.

Because time is finite, you should focus your efforts on a select group of social media sites that will offer the right features for connecting with your audience. Here’s an overview of how each network could work for your business.


As a retail business, you’ve probably already seen how Facebook can help you engage with fans and promote your business throughout the year. On Facebook, you can use lots different content — including text, images, videos, and links — to do this.

You can also take advantage of Facebook’s advertising capabilities to target nearby consumers and drive local success. And with 96% of Facebook users now accessing the social platform via mobile devices, Facebook is also one of the most powerful networks for connecting with local consumers on their mobile devices.


Twitter is one of the best networks for engaging with your audience and sharing helpful and engaging content. But did you also know that Twitter is a valuable platform for customer service? People love Twitter because it gives them direct access to the people and brands important to them.

By monitoring your Twitter activity and responding to follower questions and feedback, you’ll never miss the opportunity to turn a social interaction into a new opportunity for your business.

There are some great softwares to help you do this and it may make a real positive difference to your bottom line during the holiday shopping season and beyond.


Users approach Pinterest with more of a shopping mentality than they do on other social sites. In fact, 47 percent of US online shoppers say they bought something as a direct result of a Pinterest recommendation.

While you may use other networks — like Facebook or Twitter — strictly for engagement purposes, on Pinterest you’re able to connect with consumers at a unique stage of the buying process: the looking and browsing stage.

Pinterest is the perfect platform to highlight gift ideas and showcase all that your business has to offer this holiday season.

Instagram: Instagram is one of the best networks for creating engaging content for your business this holiday season. Its user-friendly tools make it easy to create images and video clips your customers and potential customers will love.

You can snap photos of staff members preparing for an upcoming holiday sale, or show off gift ideas with creative images your audience will love.


The holidays are the perfect time to create and share videos from your business. Your videos don’t have to be a big-budget production.

Something as simple as a video from your smartphone wishing customers a happy holiday, or an interview about upcoming holiday activities, can make a more personal connection with your audience. Best of all, you can easily share your videos on your different social networks or even add them to your holiday emails.

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