KHD Buzz – Five Below Goes to 10, Fakes Flooding Amazon and More

KHD Buzz – Five Below Goes to 10, Fakes Flooding Amazon and More

November 25, 2019 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Retailers Try to Predict the ‘It’ Toys of the 2019 Holiday Season

Every year there are one or two toys that quickly become so popular that parents will do almost anything to get their hands on them. In the past these have included various Elmo toys, the strange creature known as Furby, last year’s LOL Surprise toys and many more. But what are this year’s hot toys? Even at this late stage major retailers are still trying to figure that out. Read More

Amazon’s Push for Cheaper Goods Has Led to Rise in Counterfeit Products

According to a new investigative report Amazon’s desire to add more ‘affordable’ goods to its third party marketplace has led to a notable uptick in the amount of counterfeit goods being sold on the platform. Read More

Five Below Goes to $10. What Happens Now?

Having built one of the fastest growing retail chains based on the promise that everything in their stores is priced at $5 or less, Five Below introduced a ‘Ten Below Gift Store’ in some markets. How will this affect it’s growth? Retail analysts are not sure. Read More

Have Big Retailers Killed the Holiday Spirit?

There won’t be any Christmas Lights in the windows of Lord and Taylor’s Fifth Avenue store this year. In the UK, Harrods’s is limiting visits with Santa to children whose parents spend over £2,500 in the store. And mall Santas are quickly becoming a thing of the past all over North America. So have retailers lost their holiday spirit? This fascinating piece examines the issue. Read More

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