5 Great Block Plugins For The WordPress Gutenberg Editor

5 Great Block Plugins For The WordPress Gutenberg Editor

January 24, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

WordPress has long been a popular CMS choice among online retailers , and for good reason. It’s inexpensive, flexible, there are thousands of themes available and just as many plug ins, many of them free. It works well with some great shopping cart solutions and is one of the easier CMS to update and maintain.

The arrival of the Gutenberg editor last year changed that for some however. After more than a decade of basically the same creation interface Gutenberg changed things considerably, and a lot of people got upset.

The fact is however is that the Gutenberg Editor is a step forward, and quite a significant one, if you give it a chance. And as more and more people are beginning to embrace Gutenberg more developers are creating specialist blocks for it that make it even more useful. And today we’re taking a look at some of the best ones.

#1 Atomic Blocks

The Atomic Blocks plugin created by the Array Themes team offers 11 additional blocks. In the WordPress Plugin Directory you can find easy to follow demos of how each one works.

Atomic blocks plugin

So, for example, with the Testimonial Block, in a flash you’ve already created a testimonial or review on your page. And as reviews are so important to retailers having what is a very easy way to create great looking review blacks on almost any page or post is a real plus.

Adding a new testimonial.

#2 Kadence Blocks

The Kadence blocks plugin gives you 6 design blocks in which you can create your own page design, but it also includes a library of pre-built variations. 

Blocks provided by the Kadence Blocks plugin.

For example if we take a look at the Row Layout, you can define the row format you want to create, great for product pages when you want to showcase several facets of the item.

Row Layout block.

But if you are looking for ease, there is a library of pre-built layouts and you can simply select the one you like best and add to a page or post as easily as any other block.

Prebuilt library of Kadence Blocks plugin.

#3 Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

The Advanced Gutenberg Blocks plugin has been developed by Maxime Bernard-Jacquet and includes 15 additional blocks. In the following video they offer a quick introduction to the capabilities of each one.

#4 Block Gallery

The Block Gallery plugin gives you three new blocks with which you can create three different ways showcase images in galleries.

Block Gallery plugin.
Blocks available in the Block Gallery plugin.

This allows you to very easily – you only have to select the images – create a carousel gallery, or add images in Masonry format – which is a lot like Pinterest and an excellent product display option as you can see below.

Mansory pictures.

This plugin was the winner in the Best Solution category in the Automattic Design Awards at the WordCamp US 2018, so it’s got a lot of fans.

#5 Bokez

Bokez is a plugin developed by Delabon that provides you with 14 new blocks.

What we love about this offering is it makes creating things that people often struggle with – pricing tables, sharing options, author boxes and much more very easy and removes the need for a ton of additional plugins that all need to be configured separately and add weight to the site, slowing it down, something that is a real problem for a retail website.

Some of the blocks available at the Bokez Blocks plugin.

Give Gutenberg a Chance

Many in the WordPress community feel that in just a few years the Gutenberg editor will remove the need for WordPress themes altogether, and allow users to create a site that is truly uniquely their own. It’s an interesting idea, especially for online retailers, as we all know that branding, along with ease of use and security are so important.

If you haven’t dared to try Gutenberg yet, and are still clinging to the Classic Editor plug in, give it a try. It’s easier than you think and will expand your site’s capabilities significantly. If you need help getting started check out the great tutorial provided here.

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