KHD Buzz – Digital Natives in Decline, Amazon Lifts Fedex Ban and More

KHD Buzz – Digital Natives in Decline, Amazon Lifts Fedex Ban and More

January 20, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Amazon Allows Third Party Sellers to Resume Fedex Shipments

After banning the use of FedEx back in December, some third party sellers felt their ability to serve their buyers was seriously impacted. Amazon has relented and will once again allow third party Amazon Marketplace sellers to make use of the service. Read More

Smartphone Use Powered Online Retail Holiday Sales Boost

According to a new report from Adobe, smartphones accounted for 84% of the holiday season’s e-commerce growth, with consumers spending $50 billion via their mobile devices. Read More

Build a Bear is Banking on Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda. He’s still everywhere, even though the first season of the show he appears in, Disney + ‘The Mandalorian’ is over. And pre-orders of Baby Yoda toys – all of which will start hitting the shelves in March – are selling out.

One retailer who is hoping to cash in big time is Build A Bear, with the pending arrival of the unnamed ‘Child’ being announced by the company CEO last week. Read More

Report: Digital Native Brands Declining

According to a new report ‘digital native’ retail brands are on the decline, as the likes of Blue Apron and Dollar Shave Club peter out and other brands are now placing their goods in physical stores. Read More

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