KHD Buzz – VISA Plans Swipe Charge Changes, Amazon’s Unhappy Shoppers and More

KHD Buzz – VISA Plans Swipe Charge Changes, Amazon’s Unhappy Shoppers and More

February 10, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Bloomberg Report: VISA Planning Sweeping Changes to Swipe Charges

According to a report published by Bloomberg, VISA plans to implement sweeping changes. The company wants its swipe fees to vary based on the merchant and the method by which a consumer pays for purchases, according to a document the payment network sent to banks. Read More

Report: Amazon Shoppers Not as Happy with Company as Expected

A recent survey by supply chain software company Convey has found that more than a quarter of surveyed Amazon shoppers, most of them prime members feel that said they believe Amazon has a very negative or somewhat negative impact on retail and on the environment. Read More

New Nike CEO: Sustainability Matters to Customers

In one of his first major interviews since stepping into the CEO position at the sports giant Nike, CEO John Donahoe spoke about the increasing importance of sustainability to consumers and how that will affect retailers now and in the future. Read More.

Should Resellers Be Allowed to Profit From Tragedy?

Prices on Kobe Bryant sneakers and jerseys soared two to three times within 24 hours following news of the sudden death of the Los Angeles Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant. Which opened the discussion outlined in this article; should resellers – and even retailers in general – be allowed to profit from these kinds of tragedies? Read More

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