Most Frequently Asked Questions about Pinterest Marketing for Retailers

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Pinterest Marketing for Retailers

March 6, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

In 2020, sometimes Pinterest gets overshadowed as a marketing option for retailers in favor of Instagram, as it’s the newer ‘cooler’ tool. That’s a shame though, as for retailers Pinterest really does remain the internet’s premier idea-sharing and cultivation platform, and a place where people from all walks of life and of all ages go to find and save things they love, especially things that they can buy.

Some people simply struggle to use Pinterest for Business well. In this blog post, we’re sharing some of the most common questions asked about Pinterest marketing and tips for how you can get can get the most out of it to both drive traffic to your website and increase your sales.

What kinds of businesses can benefit from Pinterest marketing?

Pinterest is suitable for any business whose products, services or even company culture can be visually represented. However, it is especially effective for retailers, service businesses and as a personal branding tool.

How many Pinterest boards should I have?

There are no hard and fast rules, you can have as many – or as few – as you like. However, Pinetrest’s own research found that the average number of boards on accounts owned by pinners with 300K+ followers is 56 boards.

What kind of Pinterest boards should I create?

Your Pinboards should be focused on engaging your target market and, where possible, using your Pin descriptions to help you gain visibility in both a Pinterest search and a general Google or Bing search. You should never sacrifice the visual appeal of your Pins by focusing too much on keywords though. In most cases, every board you build should also include complementary or helpful fellow pinner pins in addition to your own.

How many pins should I have on each of my Pinterest boards?

Most experts recommend a minimum of 20 pins per Pinterest board. However, your most important boards should have 200+ pins per board to boost their performance in a Pinterest search.

How do you create effective Pinterest board names?

You should try to use two-four well searched keywords that describe your board. Make use of keyword research and keyword research tools to help you find the right terms to target..

Do you have to create a keyword rich description for every Pinterest board?

Yes. Writing keyword rich Pinterest board descriptions is a very important part of your SEO efforts.

So Pinterest Needs SEO?

Pinterest is in itself a search engine, and like other search engines it is based on algorithms that push certain pins and pinboards higher in search than others. That does mean that yes, you need to learn a little (at least) about Pinterest SEO and how to use it to get your pins seen by more people, and by people in new audiences.

Should I use hashtags in my pin descriptions?

Hashtags on Pinterest can be a double-edged sword. Hashtags can be a good way to add additional keywords but as they do create a clickable link that will display other boards you may risk losing your users attention. However, many people do make use of one or two, but no more than that.

Should I delete Pins that do not perform as well as others?

Like most search engines, the actual workings of the Pinterest search algorithm are something of a secret. As is the case for all SEO however experts can make some educated guesses.

Pinterest provides stats for your top performing boards including impressions, clicks, saves, and # of pins. Pinterest SEO experts agree that these figures are used to determine where to place your Pin in search. It’s believed that these stats are used to decide how boards will rank in search.

If you do have a Pinterest board with lots of pins and very few impressions, clicks, and saves, it’s probably not going to rank well. However, you may not want to delete them if the images are good, just work on the Pinterest SEO needed to get them seen by more people.

Should I delete old pins if I add new ones?

No! Old pins have clout and plenty of SEO juice. Even if it only has ten repins it has a better chance of being found through Pinterest search than your new one. You also don’t know what people will respond to best. Some people may respond to your old pin. Others will respond to the new one. Deleting might eliminate an effective source of traffic and sales.

How important is it to include color in Pinterest pin images?

Color can dramatically improve your product sales. Here are a few stats:
93% of the time a purchase is made based on visual appearance
85% of surveyed consumers state that color is the primary influencer of purchase decisions. Color increases brand recognition by 80%.

Do Pinterest pin images have a “perfect” size?

Pins that perform best are tall pins that are 736px x 1103px in size. We have found that using even taller images is also OK but shorter images will not perform as well.

How many Pinterest followers do I need for Pinterest marketing success?

There isn’t a single number, but basically the more the better.

How many times a day should I pin for the best shot at Pinterest success?

Five to ten times a day is optimal, which is a number that’s considerably higher than some other social media platforms. As this might be very time-consuming if done by hand most people make use of a scheduling tool like Tailwind.

How important is it to interact with other users Pins?

Very, Pinterest is still a social network and so interacting with other users is a must.

Should I use branded Pinterest images?

We would recommend that you do when it’s appropriate. Not all pinned images are suitable for the addition of a logo, but those that are should feature some kind of brand mark yes.

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