How To Monitor Your Social Media Channels in 10 Minutes a Day

How To Monitor Your Social Media Channels in 10 Minutes a Day

March 13, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Most business owners know that monitoring their business social media presence is very important. You need to know at all times just what people are saying about your brand and be able to respond quickly to questions or complaints. This may be a big concern for many business owners who believe they just do not have enough time to devote to such a daunting marketing task.

Even though you can choose to have someone monitor your social media for you, it is very possible to do it yourself and in a lot less time than you might imagine. Social media monitoring can actually, (if you set a regular, disciplined routine) be achieved in just 10 minutes a day. Here’s how it’s done for the typical small business:

Check Twitter (2 minutes)

The best way to check and monitor conversations about your brand in real time is to make use of tools like Twitter search. Simply inputting your own Twitter handle into the search box should quickly allow you to see what (if anything) anyone has had to say about you recently.

Check stats on Facebook and Instagram (3 minutes)

You can use one minute to quickly check your company business page’s insights on Facebook. You can do this by clicking on the Insights tab on the page. Checking your page views, fan counts and interactions is very easy in the new interface and replying to any comments should be speedy as well.

Over on Instagram the Insights are far less helpful, but you can see basic like counts and interaction information, as well as new follows, all in a single space.

Scan Google Alerts (2 minutes)

If you have set Google alerts, check for alerts on your brand, company name or product terms. If you do not have Google alerts set, you can easily do so by entering your preferred search terms and selecting to receive updates once a day or as they happen. Alerts are then sent straight to your inbox. Google Alerts can also pick up any mentions in Google +.

Check Pinboards (2 minutes)

Checking your Pinterest stats should take no longer than a minute or so and you can also do a quick scan for any interesting pins from others that might be worth a like and/or a repin to keep your all important interaction level up.

Answer a Relevant LinkedIn question (1 minute)

In just a minute each day, you can search for industry related questions on Linkedln that you are able to answer. You can configure an RSS feed to send questions from specific categories to your email and formulate a short answer to post which helps cement your reputation as a reputable authority in your niche, something that is excellent for your brand as well as for SEO.

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