KHD Buzz – Coronavirus Fallout For Retail, Amazon Scams and More

KHD Buzz – Coronavirus Fallout For Retail, Amazon Scams and More

March 9, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Will the Coronavirus Damage Retail Growth? Experts Are Undecided

Most of the opinions over the impact of COVID 19 – aka the ‘coronavirus’ – are divided, and that includes opinions about the impact it might have on retail spending. Read More

Consumers Head Online to Shop Over Coronavirus Fears

Whatever the impact of fears over the COVID 19 virus has on physical retail stores for the moment online retail seems to be booming, as more consumers choose staying home to shop over heading out among the crowds. Read More

Amazon Removed 1 Million Products Making False Coronavirus Claims

The fact that some less than scrupulous retailers would attempt to cash in on the public’s fear of the coronavirus is no surprise, but the scope of some of the false claims and price gouging attempts made by Amazon third party sellers was eye-opening, even for the company themselves. Read More

Vimeo Launch New Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Vimeo is the latest company to release software aimed at helping small businesses market their products, as they ramp up their efforts to become the go-to video platform for small businesses over YouTube. Read More

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