KHD Buzz – Coronavirus Price Gouging, Hiring Sprees, Slowed Shipping and More

KHD Buzz – Coronavirus Price Gouging, Hiring Sprees, Slowed Shipping and More

March 30, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

States tell Amazon, Walmart, Facebook to Stamp Out Price Gouging

Third place sellers on online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and Facebook are trying to cash in on the COVID19 crisis by charging higher – in some cases significantly higher – prices for items that are in short supply and high demand.

In an effort to protect consumers AGs for 32 states led by Pennsylvania’s AG Josh Shapiro have demanded that the marketplaces step in and better police their listings to prevent price gouging. Read More

Amazon, Other Big Retailers on Hiring Sprees

While businesses all over the country lay people off due to COVID19 closures being enforced, the big retailers – including Amazon, Walmart, Target and more – have ramped up their recruiting efforts to meet panic buying demands. Read More

Some Amazon Prime Deliveries Now Taking Up to 4 Weeks

Those who have become used to receiving their Amazon Prime goods in as little as a day are finding that the coronavirus crisis has even slowed those deliveries, with some taking up to a month. Read More

Costco Bans Toilet Paper Returns

Some of the panic buyers who hoarded toilet paper a few weeks ago – along with hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and more – have been having second thoughts and trying to return some of their bulk supplies. However, Costco, for one, is having none of it. Read More

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