New at KHD – Positive Vibes Decorative Mirror Collection

New at KHD – Positive Vibes Decorative Mirror Collection

July 29, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

We could all use all the positivity we can get in this confusing and challenging year, and as we are spending much more time there, that should certainly extend to the decor in our homes. One easy way to do this is by choosing to add a mirror from our new Positive Vibes Decorative Mirror Collection.

There are lots of great reason to add decorative mirrors to your home decor in general. Not only for their basic function but also to add light to darker, or smaller space as well as an easy shot of extra style.

The Positive Vibes Decorative Mirror Collection consists of three beautiful decorative mirrors, each of which offers something different:

The Monterey Day Dream Decorative Mirror is a round mirror adorned with the legend ‘Day Dream’. The Pomona Your Beautiful Smile Mirror is a square option that will remind you to smile every time you see it.

And the Malibu Happy Soul Wall Mirror offers a rectangular, modern take on a classic hall mirror and proclaims ‘Do What Makes Your Soul Happy’ which are great words to live by at any time, but especially right now!

Each mirror is crafted from high quality iron and glass and is finished in an attractive neutral, speckled style that will suit almost any decor style. They are all great for use in almost any room in the home or even as an accent for your porch or patio, so you can offer the world outside a little extra positivity too.

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