Top 3 Tools for Gathering Customer Feedback in 2020

Top 3 Tools for Gathering Customer Feedback in 2020

August 7, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Constant customer feedback is essential to any retail business. Not only does it allow you to understand what is working and what is not, feedback also allows you to come up with those crucial fresh ideas that will help your retail business continue to grow.

The days of the paper customer card are  long gone. Consumers have become accustomed to doing everything online, so in order to encourage as many people as possible to complete a feedback survey an electronic method is the way to go.

There are some excellent tools that a smaller business can make use of to collect customer feedback. Here is a little information about three of the best of them:



With clients like Starbucks, Burger King, Hertz, and Groupon, this CRO tool has helped big brands improve their conversion rates.

And they can even help the small business too. Unlike Hotjar, Qualaroo is strictly a survey and feedback tool.

Specifically, it’s a survey software that helps you create forms and surveys to ask your visitors questions about their time and interaction on your website.

There are seven survey options to choose from, such as Target Questions, 2 Minute Setup, or Skip Logic. Having these options is what makes Qualaroo one of the best customer feedback tools out there.

For example, with Target Questions you ask very specific questions based on each user’s behavior. This feature is so precise that you can set up the survey so the visitor doesn’t get the same survey two times in a row.

Your survey questions can target visitors based on the number of times they visit your pricing page, whether they have anything in their cart, or some other internal data.

target questions

Price: From $99/month



Typeform is a web-based survey tool that is easy to use and has a very sleek and modern interface.

You can create forms, surveys, questionnaires, polls, and reports. With the easy drag and drop form builder, you can customize each form to include your brand elements. Include videos, images, brand fonts, colors, and a background image to make an attractive and welcoming survey.

And what’s unique to Typeform is that it displays one question at a time on their surveys and forms.

typform survey

Typeform is also known for their personalized surveys. You can create questions based on user data you already have, such as your user’s name. You can also customize each message to give your respondents a more personal experience when taking your survey or filling out your form.

There is a creative component to using Typeform and it almost feels like an app interface with the use of images or GIFs.

All data is in real time, which allows for in-the-moment insights to hone your business strategy and make it more tailored for your users.

Price: Free, plans from $33/month



UserEcho is an online customer support software tool that’s also a great way to better understand what your customers are looking for. Instead of creating a survey or questionnaire you can create a forum, helpdesk, install live chat, and more.

As your business grows, you’ll start to notice customers asking the same questions or the same types of questions.

Instead of spending time sending the same response, UserEcho makes the process much more efficient. It allows you to create a branded customer support forum which houses previously asked questions and a knowledge base of helpful guides.

userecho forum

With UserEcho you create a subdomain on your site and direct your customers or clients to that page to handle incoming queries much more easily.

One other feature is their Chat functionality which integrates with your website. This allows customers and clients to ask questions directly to you or the team whenever they are online.

Integrating UserEcho into your business is quite easy. The forum and chat uses a copy-and-paste code that can be effortlessly embedded within your site. You can also seamlessly integrate Google Analytics and other chat apps such as Slack or HipChat with UserEcho.

Price: From $19/month

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