How Holiday Packaging Can Boost Your Brand in 2020

How Holiday Packaging Can Boost Your Brand in 2020

November 20, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

For most retailers, the holiday season is the busiest time of year. But it’s important to note that this applies to customers too. There is the not-so-little matter of buying presents for loved ones, as well as the stress of travel arrangements and the many social activities that accompany the holidays.

So, what do customers most want from the brands they purchase from during the holidays? The answer is simple: convenience.

In particular, gift wrapping is a major challenge for customers. 67% of individuals feel negative about wrapping gifts for the holidays, according to a study by Virgin.

Another study reveals that the two main factors that consumers find challenging about gift wrapping are that it takes so long and that purchasing essential elements such as ribbons or gift tags is easy to forget to do.

A holiday packaging model is an effective way to draw customers from rivals by offering customers a valuable service and helping them to fulfill their gifting obligations. Here are some tips to help you plan your holiday gift wrapping offering.

How to Customize Packaging for Your Holiday Shoppers

As a special time of year, we think of the holiday season, and customers will demand the same from your packaging.

Premium packaging improves the value appreciation of a product by 45 percent compared with standard packaging, according to Pregis. So, a perfect way to create brand perception and channel a seasonal unboxing experience for your clients is to customize your holiday-themed packaging.

  1. Holiday-themed tape for packaging.

Boxes, particularly during the holidays when you may only want a small run of your seasonal design, are one of the most expensive custom packaging components.

A creative way to enliven simple boxes or mailers is holiday-themed packing tape. Consider that for order fulfillment, packing tape needs to be in your toolkit, which means using it to raise your holiday packaging game is a simple investment.

  1. Stickers

Stickers provide a nice focal point for every packaging design.

Customized stickers are a perfect way to incorporate essential branding features, such as your logo or brand name if you are going for a more conventional holiday-themed look for your wrapping paper or gift boxes. Although also having your brand front and center in your holiday packaging helps you to channel a festive vibe.

  1. Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes at any time of the year are a wonderful addition to online orders, but are particularly suitable during the holidays. It demonstrates that you are always making the effort to make your customers feel valued even at such a busy time of year.

Depending on the order volume, this can be quite a time commitment, but there are few better e-commerce customer relations strategies than such a tailored engagement with your brand.

  1. Die-cut Inserts

Die-cut inserts, particularly if you chose a more simplistic design, are great for adding some visual appeal to the exterior of your boxes. It’s an imaginative way to add symbols such as stars, trees, and snowflakes which make good inserts because they have silhouettes that are so easy to identify.

  1. Custom Tissue Paper

One of the most flexible packaging items available for holiday order fulfillment is personalized tissue paper. You may use it as wrapping paper for items, to line the inside of boxes, or even as a gift for the wrapping duties of your customers. Tissue is a perfect place for printing larger or more complicated designs because of its wide surface area.

Holiday Packaging and The Environment

Environmental concerns haven’t traditionally factored into packaging design, but that’s changing fast as both consumers and brands grow more conscious of sustainability. As a result, more eco-friendly packaging solutions are hitting the market to support increased efforts by businesses to go plastic-free. Here are some reasons to keep the health of the planet in mind as you plan your packaging for the holiday season:

Gen Z. Loves Eco-Friendly

While consumer preference for eco-friendly offerings is becoming more common across age groups for sustainable products, Generation Z is by far the most committed. Nearly three-quarters of Gen Z customers are willing to spend more on sustainable goods, compared to 51% of baby boomers, according to a survey by Pregis.

Their buying decisions never mattered more, with Gen Z set to be the world’s largest consumer market by the end of 2021. An eco-conscious holiday packaging concept is an excellent branding strategy for any brand looking to cater to this market

It Helps the Planet

During the holiday season, packaging waste is an especially salient problem. On average, between Thanksgiving and January 1, an additional one million tons of waste is thrown away every year, a 25 percent rise over the rest of the year.

Most of this rise is caused by packaging, such as plasticized wrapping paper, gift bags, cellophane and boxes. Every year alone, there is a whopping 38,000 miles of ribbon discarded, enough to tie a bow around the entire world!

Your company is doing its best to protect the environment by making the effort to integrate the ‘3 Rs’ (reduce, reuse, recycle) into the packaging design.

It’s Great Free Marketing.

When sustainability is increasingly in demand by consumers, it becomes a far more tangible brand asset. It’s already been shown that consumers are more likely to share images and videos of products with attractive packaging than those without.

According to Dotcom Distribution, 39% of consumers would share an image on social media if it came in “gift-like” packaging. Add in the thrill of the holidays and an eco-friendly holiday design, and you have a winning strategy for free online promotion.

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