The Benefits of a Social Media Comment Contest

The Benefits of a Social Media Comment Contest

November 27, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Are you one of those retailers who still hasn’t run an Instagram or Facebook contest? What’s holding you back? Facebook and Instagram giveaways that encourage your audience to leave a comment are an easy way to drive engagement with your brand.

All you need is a fun idea and a trusty comment picker to get started. And the upcoming holidays are the perfect time to try your first comment contest out.

The Many Benefits of a Social Media Comment Contest

Facebook and Instagram have enormous audiences, and those users likely include your target customers. Facebook has 1.66 billion daily users and 2.5 billion monthly users. Instagram has over 1 billion active accounts, with 90 percent of those users following businesses on Instagram.

Beyond that huge pool of people to target, there are other benefits when it comes to hosting a comments contest or giveaway.

You can also consider other social media platforms to run comment contests on, but they can prove a little more challenging, which is why we have chosen to focus on Facebook and Instagram here.

Comments Contests are Powerful, Easy to Set Up and Easy to Enter

One of the best things about “comment to win” promotions is how quick and easy they are to set up. All you have to do is:

Create your promotional post content (a photo, a graphic, a video, or even just a status update in the case of Facebook)

Include details on how to enter with your post (how to make an eligible comment entry)

Provide important dates — deadline for entry, random drawing date, winner announcement date

With a comment selection contest, you don’t have to go crazy setting up special entry pages and creating lots of different graphics and promotional copy that you might need for a different type of contest or giveaway.

Your workload when running an Instagram giveaway or Facebook contest based on the “comment to win” concept can be as simple as your normal social content creation process. Just add a little extra pizzazz with your promotion name and prize to get people excited.

Facebook and Instagram comment contests are easy for you to set up, but they are also super easy for people to enter. All they have to do is follow your directions provided with your post.

If you’d like them to tag a friend in the comments or use a specific hashtag, make sure you make that clear in your giveaway post. Just don’t make it too complicated. Remember that most people will likely enter from their smartphone. Don’t make them type a novel, and your participants shouldn’t have any problems entering.

What makes these types of giveaways powerful? They remove friction from the entry process. All someone has to do is leave a comment. No form filling required! Plus, these types of contests are easy for people to share, and they are super-convenient because people can easily enter from their smartphones.

Comments Contests Drive Targeted Engagement

When you run a Facebook contest or Instagram giveaway centered on comments as entries, you’re incentivizing people to interact with your page. Even better, your fans will probably tag friends and family members whom they think will want to enter, too. You can even encourage people to tag as part of the entry process.

To ensure that people are tagging the “right friends’ — your target audience — give special consideration to the prize you offer. Focus on a prize that has value to your specific audience.

If you’re targeting yoga fanatics, offer a yoga-related prize pack. After cookery enthusiasts? Give them a prize that features the most sought after culinary tools. An Apple Watch will drive a lot of entries, but probably won’t be part of your target audience’s real wants.

What if you don’t already have a big following on your Facebook page or Instagram profile? You can also drive targeted engagement through the hashtags you select.

Do a little research to find out what hashtags your target audience uses. Combine those highly-specific tags with some more general ones like #commentscontest or #sweepstakes to capture the attention of new people.

Comments Contests Can Yield Audience Insights

Maybe you’d like to gather feedback from your audience about your products. A comment contest is an easy, low-pain way to get that type of feedback.

Are there things you’d like to learn about your customers and potential customers that you could turn into a fun and exciting comment-to-vote giveaway on Facebook or Instagram? You could ask people to comment to vote on:

  • New product lines you’re considering
  • Favorite options for a new product design
  • Names for a new service

As long as you limit the voting to a specified group of answers, you can tally up the responses to gain insights into the questions you want to be answered.

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