Wholesale Product Spotlight – Yoga Oil Warmer

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Yoga Oil Warmer

December 16, 2020 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Scented oils are a great way to enhance or improve the fragrance of our homes, but they can also help improve our mood, because when we smell something pleasant it brings a smile to our face, lifts our spirits and improves our mood. Making use of a scented oil warmer like our bestselling Yoga Oil Warmer offers another benefit too; it makes a strikingly attractive addition to your home decor scheme.

The Yoga Oil Warmer is a vision in glass and ceramic. Featuring an elegant art sculpture of three seated figures in a meditative pose – yoga practitioners of course – on a stone look base, this beautiful piece also features a generously sized glass bowl to hold the scented oil of your choice, which, when in place, is heated by the tealight of your choice.

The Yoga Oil Warmer measures a generous 4 1/2″ diameter x 4 3/4″ high; you can make use of whatever tealight and oil you prefer – we love warm scents like cypress, bergamot and wild orange for winter – and make use of the piece in almost any room in your home. When you make use of the Yoga Oil Warmer to scent your home you’ll also reduce the amount of chemicals in the air, as those store bought air fresheners contain far too many of them!

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