KHD Buzz – How GameStop Broke Wall Street, Bud Skips the Super Bowl and More

KHD Buzz – How GameStop Broke Wall Street, Bud Skips the Super Bowl and More

February 1, 2021 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Retailers Face New Supply Chain Woes

Many retailers, especially e-commerce businesses are flourishing despite the pandemic, but according to some retail experts that growth is being slowed by supply chain difficulties, a lack of workers and increasing shipping costs. Read More

Budweiser Skipping Super Bowl Ads for the First Time on 40 Years

Budweiser ads – and their famous horses – have been a Super Bowl ad staple for over four decades. But not this year. Instead the company is donating the money they would have spent on the spot – a little under $6 million – to COVID-19 vaccine awareness ads, including one featuring Rashida Jones that will drop just before the game. Read More

How Reddit – and GameStop – Broke the Stock Market

An ailing game retailer. A Subreddit full of gamers. A popular app that allows ‘regular’ people to invest in the stock market. Together they managed to ‘break’ the stock market and cause big hedge funds to lose billions. This is how they did it. Read More.

Report: Vaccinated Consumers Will “Still Shop Online”

According to a report from First Insight getting a COVID-19 vaccine may not be enough for some consumers – around 40% of those surveyed – to swap their new online shopping habits for a return to physical stores. Read More

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