Have a Happy, Elegant, Halloween

October 15, 2012 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Looking for some new ideas for Halloween home decor this year? Sick of the same old jack o lanterns, black cats and shapeless, faceless ghouls? Then we can help. Here are some more unusual Halloween home decor ideas for you to try out this year:

Halloween Kitchen Decor Ideas

Leave your family – and your guests – feeling a little uneasy about just what you might be cooking up in the kitchen by adding a few of these suspicious looking decorative plates to the walls. They are very easy to create – just black and white med school style images printed of from the Internet and then affixed to plain plates – but they will creep people out in a nice, subtle way.

You can add to the sense of doom and gloom in your kitchen by spraying some inexpensive vases and jars with matte black or white paint and then displaying them prominently on a shelf or even just scattered around your space.


Halloween Dining Room Decor Ideas

Who says that a Halloween dining table has to be orange and black. These monotone arrangements are far more sophisticated and elegant but still very creepy.

This Halloween table setting is creepy but elegant, perfect for a more grown up Halloween celebration (adults can have fun on Halloween too!) The plates are created simply by adding decorative plastic sticky tape that should be easy to find at your local craft store.

Halloween Living Room Decor

Rather than fill your living room with the standard store bought Halloween decorations, try some of these ideas and maintain the elegant feel of your home.

This Halloween pillow started off as a plain dollar store pillow but the addition of the glittery letters turns it into something that celebrates the scary season in style.

These cardstock critter cut outs will add a surprising Halloween touch to almost anywhere in your home but the fright of a mouse (ekk!) in the living room can be particularly effective. Best of all, they are very easy to make.

These black and white pumpkins are an elegant alternative to the more familiar orange versions and can be created by simply using white and black paints and a little imagination.

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