Top 5 Tips for Amazon Sales Success in 2021

Top 5 Tips for Amazon Sales Success in 2021

February 19, 2021 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Online sales are still increasing, and as you might expect Amazon is still at the forefront of COVID-19 era e-commerce. With 50% of their sales made by their third party sellers.

However, for these sellers competition is becoming increasingly fierce, with more and more business-minded people realizing the opportunities that becoming an Amazon seller can provide. If you don’t approach Amazon third-party selling in the right way and have both an informed strategy in place, you can end up making little to no profit on the platform.

To make sure you have the best at making a success of Amazon, here are some valuable Amazon selling tips to keep in mind.

Optimize Your Amazon Listings For Search

You may be selling directly on the Amazon platform, but it’s still essential to optimize your listings to rank in their SERPs (search engine results pages). One of the most important Amazon selling tips is arguably making sure the Amazon search engine can easily identify keywords and understand what you’re offering, so you can rank accordingly.

There are many free and paid keyword research tools available for Amazon sellers to benefit from to pinpoint keywords that have a high search volume, aren’t too competitive and have the right search intent behind them.

Once you’ve collated a list of valuable keywords for a product, make sure to include them in your product title, description, and in the backend of your listing. Think about your brand name, product name, material, color, size, quantity and more to make sure you are utilizing all the right keyword opportunities.

While it’s important to make sure you use keywords where they fit, don’t be tempted to stuff them in at every given opportunity. Your listing’s content still needs to read well and be informative to consumers

Have an Adaptive Pricing Strategy

Competitive pricing is key if you want to compete with established brands and stand out from the crowd on Amazon. Unless your product is 100% unique or offers a feature that consumers can’t get elsewhere, the lower you can get your prices while still making a profit, the better.

To go one step further than being competitive with your prices, you should aim to be adaptive too. Market demand is always changing, with new competitors joining the scene all the time, making it essential to be proactive in making sure your prices fit with the times.

For those just starting as an Amazon seller or those with a small inventory, you can change your prices manually or set rules for when your prices change according to what your close competitors are charging.

If you’re offering a wide range of products though, algorithmic repricing is the way to go. This method involves an automatic repricing tool using complex algorithms and real-time data to lower or raise a seller’s prices.

Grab a Share of Amazon’s Buy Box

Almost all sellers that manage to get their products in the Buy Box see this reflected in their sales.

Unfortunately, though, unlike Walmart Marketplace that provides sellers with a clear strategy for appearing in their Buy Box, Amazon keeps their cards a lot closer to their chest. Some key factors to consider are:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Stock availability
  • Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) participation
  • Seller ratings
  • Product reviews
  • Product bundles

You should aim to incorporate a number of these factors into your selling strategies to not only appear in the Buy Box but elevate your brand reputation and sales too.

Benefit from Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is a program that allows sellers to hand over a significant amount of the hassle of fulfilling orders to Amazon themselves. You can store your inventory in their warehouse, where Amazon will pick, pack, and ship all orders for you as they come in.

Although using the Amazon FBA program isn’t the only way to be a successful Amazon seller, it allows you to offer Amazon Prime to consumers and benefit from the short delivery times that come with it.

By using the FBA program and having the Prime offering on your listings, you can establish an immediate level of trust with consumers and differentiate yourself from products that don’t offer Prime delivery.

Of course, there are higher fees involved with using FBA, but both your sales and overall strategy will see a benefit by leaving you with more time to channel into other areas of your brand.

You can even still use a dropshipper! For example, Koehler Home Decor ships to Amazon warehouses, so our customers who make use of our dropshipping service can keep that convenience and still reap the sales benefits of the Amazon FBA program. You can learn more about that here.

Get All the Reviews!

Gaining positive reviews on your listing is essential if you want to gain a consistent income from your Amazon sales. Reviews are the first place people look when shopping online, a glowing review may be all that you need to push a consumer to make a buying decision.

To start building a solid foundation of reviews for your products, get in touch with customers shortly after your product has been delivered to ask for a review and some feedback. This way, if your customers do have anything negative to say, you can resolve the issue before it becomes a negative review on your listings.

You can even use Amazon to automatically request reviews from your customers and ask for a star rating.

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