Wholesale Product Spotlight – Hanging Victorian Candle Lantern

Wholesale Product Spotlight – Hanging Victorian Candle Lantern

February 24, 2021 Off By Koehler Home Decor

If you are a person, like us, who finds yourself drawn to vintage Victorian inspired decor you might be interested – and pleased – to learn that Victorian lighting decor is a major trend in the design world this season, for both the interior of homes and for outdoor living spaces. And our bestselling Hanging Victorian Candle Lantern fits right in with that.

The Hanging Victorian Candle Lantern harks back to an era before the widespread use of electric light, when candles lit up homes and gardens both day and night. This stunning piece features an elaborately cut out patterned black and gold iron lantern housing, frosted floral etched glass panels and an elegant and sturdy hanging chain. Durable enough for use outdoors it is equally at home indoors too.

The Hanging Victorian Candle Lantern measures a generous 4″ x 4½” x 13″ high and each of its front glass panels opens with ease to accommodate the candle of your choice to illuminate it from within. The effect is charming and almost magical, and the soft glow emanated from within this lantern will add soft, focused light wherever you need it.

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