Summer Marketing Ideas to Help You Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Summer Marketing Ideas to Help You Boost Your eCommerce Sales

June 4, 2021 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Summer is a great time for eCommerce store owners to experiment with new summer marketing ideas and engage new customers by creating seasonal campaigns.

Because summer is traditionally a slower season for online shopping, it’s critical to implement summer marketing ideas by relying on traditional best practices for sales and discounts, as well as budgeting to try new, fun ideas to engage existing customers, attract new ones, and increase conversions.

Here are some summer marketing ideas to help boost your online store’s sales and increase customer engagement.

Boost Revenue With Holiday Sales

Summer holidays are traditionally prime opportunities for eCommerce companies to run special sales and promotions themed around the specific holiday. Amazon is likely going to amplify that in 2021 as Prime Day – which has a positive knock-on effect for e-commerce sales in general – is likely to be held in June in 2021.

Customers have been conditioned to look for these bargains, and tend to be in a shopping mood. From the fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day to Father’s Day, you can implement several targeted summer marketing ideas to sell specific products.

Experiment with Special Summer Offers

Customers adore a limited-time offer. It creates a sense of urgency, as if they are buying a limited-edition product or service. These can be bargains on old inventory, buy one, get one free offers, or a completely new concept.

If you have the resources, consider developing summer-themed offerings and promotions that are only available during the warmer months. These one-of-a-kind, seasonal products will establish your brand as forward-thinking and innovative, and if successful, you can turn this into an annual campaign to boost seasonal sales.

Incorporate a Summer Photo Contest into your Summer Marketing Mix.

Summer photographs are vibrant, colorful, and generally fun. They elevate people’s spirits and allow them to daydream. A summer photo contest on Instagram or Facebook is a fun way to engage your customers while also allowing them to share their adventures and stories. People will be more likely to share and participate if you include product giveaways or discounts.

Offer Freebies for the Summer

Everyone loves freebies, and this can be a great summer marketing strategy to use. Include items that are appropriate for summertime activities among your summer giveaway ideas. For example, customers who shop at your store can get free items like water bottles and other promotional items. Customers who take advantage of the freebies will promote your business to others for free.

Use Summer Flash Sales to Your Advantage

Flash sales, like freebies, are a hit with everyone. Customers are enticed to make purchases in a short period of time during flash sales, resulting in an increase in your summer sales. It also encourages customers to follow your social media accounts, so they don’t miss out on future flash sales.

Update Your Marketing Creative Summer-Themed Visuals

A yearly marketing plan for an eCommerce business should include refreshing marketing materials to fit summer marketing campaigns. For brand consistency, it’s critical to match these marketing materials to your planned campaigns for the rest of the year though.

Using a tool like Canva – which lets you build a preset brand profile – to create effective summer visuals will give you a creative boost. Simple typography, a color palette, or summer photos are examples of this. These backgrounds can be used for event flyers, sales promotions, and to liven up an event invitation.

Take Advantage of the Back-to-School Season

As summer draws to a close, back-to-school preparations provide yet another opportunity to introduce summer marketing concepts. If your eCommerce business model does not include products or services that are directly related to children returning to school, you can still make summer sales. For example, you could provide discounts to parents who place orders with your company.

Make this Summer a Big Sales Season for Your Online Store.

Summer is a slower season for eCommerce businesses, but that shouldn’t stop you from implementing summer marketing best practices and trying out new ideas.

Because not every idea mentioned above will apply to your company, make sure your summer marketing campaigns are in line with your overall business objectives. Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, this summer may be more unpredictable, so you’ll want to consider which campaigns make the most sense in a changing marketing environment. Developing best practices, experimenting with marketing ideas, and discovering new customers are all part of learning how to increase eCommerce sales.

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