How To Optimize Product Pages for Mobile Customers in 2021

How To Optimize Product Pages for Mobile Customers in 2021

July 9, 2021 Off By Koehler Home Decor

People’s shopping habits are evolving. In 2017, mobile transactions accounted for 58.9% of total ecommerce sales. By the end of 2021, this number is predicted to have risen to about 75%.

You’ll be priming your ecommerce business for success in the age of mobile shopping if you make sure your optimization approach takes into account this altering landscape.

The majority of smaller online merchants are currently focusing their efforts on desktop pages. However, it’s a safe bet that the majority of your future traffic will come from your site users’ cherished mobile devices. As a result, optimizing for them now is essential.

When it comes to your all-important product pages, here are some excellent tips for doing precisely that.

Display Images First

People make purchases based on what they see! They also expect to see the product right away. In truth, most individuals aren’t concerned with a product’s name; they simply want to see it!

As a result, give the product image as much room as possible and place it at the top of your product page. Lots of big brands are now placing images above the product name with great success, so it would be worth at least A/B testing your product pages to see if that tweak helps you as well.

Let Customers Know Right Away They Can See More

Your site visitors often need a little encouragement to ‘add to cart’ Hints and prompts are among the most effective tools in any online retailer’s conversion-optimization arsenal.

Think about it. How are your visitors supposed to know you’ve got four wonderful shots of your new flagship summer planter? They won’t. Not until you give them a nice little suggestion.

And there are two ways to do it.

1: Show a snippet of the next photo in the frame of the current one. Include the edge of the next photo in the frame. OR

2: Show dots indicating there is more to see or include “swipe circles” below images.

Don’t Make Customers Have to Scroll to Add to Cart

Place all of the important information a consumer requires when they are preparing to add an item to their shopping basket in a strategic location.

All essential information should be displayed adjacent to each other on a single mobile screen.

These ‘essential’ bits of information usually include:

  • The product’s name
  • Star Rating
  • Price
  • Any type of promotion
  • Options for size and color
  • CTA that spans the entire screen (let visitors use their favorite thumb)

Users shouldn’t have to scroll up and down to make sure they’re choosing the proper size or the right color. Put all the important information in one place to make buying an easier decision.

All those little extras that entice customers to make a purchase should go in the add-to-cart area. Consider including the following three elements in particular:

  • Show how many items are left to create a sense of urgency.
  • Strike out the price and show the discount if the item is on sale.
  • If a product comes with free shipping, make sure to mention it prominently in the add-to-cart section.

Offer More Information to Those Who Want It

Human beings are all different, and they shop differently too.

Some customers are quick shoppers. They see a nice product image and bam – it’s ordered. But there are also those who prefer to read every single piece of information before they make an order. And you need to satisfy both groups.

Allow users to readily go into the details if they so desire. Include details on delivery and payment choices, along with product descriptions and specs.

Make the information readily available, but keep the product page brief — with the option to expand only if users so desire.

Finally, in addition to all this, you need to ensure that your product pages load fast on mobile. Not only does Google now expect that for SEO purposes, but customers demand it, with most clicking away after as little as three seconds if you don’t give them what they want!

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