More Simple Ideas for Season Long Fall Home Decorating

October 24, 2012 0 By Koehler Home Decor

When many people think of making Fall decorations to adorn their homes they immediately think of the two holidays most closely associated with the season – Halloween and Thanksgiving. While it is a lot of fun to decorate for these days specifically there is no reason why you should not tweak you decor a little to celebrate the sights, colors and even scents of Fall all season long. Here are just a few craft ideas that will help you create decor that will do just that.

Corn Husk Votives

Corn is very much a part of Fall and these pretty votive are easy to make and can be used to brighten up your home all season long.

What You Will Need

Votive holders
Dried cornhusks (available at crafts stores and in some supermarkets.)
Cutting mat
Utility knife
Double-sided tape

How Its Done

On the cutting mat, use the ruler and utility knife to cut the widest part of the cornhusks to match the height of your votive holders.

Next attach double sided tape to the votive holders and wrap two or three strips of corn husk around it, overlapping the edges. Finish by tying with ribbon.

Fall Handprint Wreath

This is a craft that kids will love to help with and the finished product will make a great addition to your front door all season long. If the handprints used are your childrens then making one to send to far away relatives as a keepsake would be a nice idea too.

What You Will Need

Fall colored (red, green, yellow, orange and brown) felt/construction paper/craft foam.
Pencil or marker
Scissors or craft knife
Wooden wreath form (available from craft stores for a few dollars) or stiff cardboard cut into a wreath

How Its Done

The templates for the hands should be made by tracing around everyones hands on the craft material you have chose (felt, foam or paper) Once that is done each hand should be carefully cut out. For an extra personal touch each person can ‘autograph’ the back of their handprint.

Begin gluing the handprints to the wreath form, over lapping each one slightly and continue until the form is completely covered. Attach the ribbon to the back for hanging.

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