KHD Buzz – Amazon Adding More Paid Ads, Big Box Retailers Stock Up for the Holidays and More

September 27, 2021 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Amazon Adding More Sponsored Ads to Listings

According to a new report, the fact that Amazon is adding more and more sponsored listings to its standard product is making it ‘almost impossible’ for some third party marketplace sellers to achieve good visibility for their products organically. Read More

Big Box Retailers Stocking Up For Holidays in a Big Way

Best Buy, Target, Walmart and other retailers are stocking up on inventory in advance of the holiday season to ensure that they have enough product on hand to fulfill consumer demand. According to statistics issued by the United States Census Bureau, inventory held in stores and warehouses has dropped in the last two months to its lowest level since 1992. Read More

Unions Target Online Retail Warehouse Workers

Because of the rise in online sales, retailers and consumer-direct businesses have been forced to expand their warehouse operations. This has piqued the interest of labor organizations, who are increasingly looking to organize fulfillment center workers. Read More

Report: Customer is Always Right Mantra Has Led to Retail Worker Abuse

According to a Columbia University study, an increasing focus – especially by large retailers – is worsening the abuse of retail workers at the hands of the customers they interact with. Read More

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