Wholesale Product Spotlight: Victorian Hurricane Lantern

November 2, 2012 Off By Koehler Home Decor

It was not until 1880 that homes – first in the UK and then in the US – began to be lit using electricity. Before that Victorians, like every other people before, lit their homes by candlelight.

Not just any old candles though. Elegant candelabras and attractive hurricane lamps were the order of the day and as they tended to do with the rest of their decor a lot of thought and effort went into creating pieces that were as attractive as they were functional.

Our Victorian Hurricane Lantern harks back to that era. These days we might have light at the flick of a switch but there is always some part of many of us that admires those old fashioned lighting solutions, even if they were less practical than those we have today!

Its hard to match the romance of candlelight with an electric bulb so this piece allows you to bring it back into your home, as a centerpiece or a part of layered lighting scheme, with ease.

Our Victorian Hurricane Lantern is 4″ in diameter x 10¼” high with a base that is 5¼” high. Crafted from iron and glass it drips with ‘crystals’ and can be used with candle of your choice. It would make the perfect centerpiece for any occasion or a great gift to ‘light up’ anyone’s holiday season!

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