How to Drive Sales – and Customer Loyalty – With Coupons by Text Marketing Campaigns

How to Drive Sales – and Customer Loyalty – With Coupons by Text Marketing Campaigns

November 19, 2021 Off By Koehler Home Decor

There’s something about the word “SALE” that draws our attention as shoppers. Even if we don’t intend to buy anything, knowing that it’s on sale makes us want to take a closer look. We frequently purchase everyday products without giving it much thought. When one of those goods is on sale, though, we feel more confident about purchasing it since we got a fantastic deal.

The word “SALE” provides an opportunity for retail businesses to convert a potential buyer into a likely one. There’s a lot of competition out there, so the faster you can attract a customer’s attention, the more likely they’ll become your customer.

Consumers and businesses are increasingly preferring to offer and use promo codes via text messaging. A discount code is easy to find on a customer’s phone’s texting app and easy to redeem, depending on how a business builds its checkout process, and the immediate, buy anywhere nature of the offering takes full advantage of that impulse buying mentality we just mentioned.

If you’re not sure whether texting coupons is the way to go, consider this: according to a recent survey by, 67 percent of consumers have made a purchase they weren’t going to make purely because of a coupon or discount. If they see an offer, 4 out of 5 consumers are inspired to make a first-time purchase with a company they are unfamiliar with.

Furthermore, 69 percent of millennials claim they can’t make a purchase without first looking for a bargain or special offer. Your bottom line may benefit significantly if you could grab those customers up front by having them sign up for savings via text.

What Types of Text Offers Should You Send?

You know your customers best and what types of incentives drive more sales. But if you’re unsure where to start, below are some proven marketing promotions that get results. Play around with what works for your customer base and go from there.

Mixing up the offers you promote will have a better result than running the same deals week after week or month after month. To create urgency and to prompt consumers to buy sooner rather than later, make some deals more limited in the length of time the offer is valid. Just make sure the expiration date is very clear in your text marketing message, so customers aren’t disappointed when they realize the offer they’d been planning on redeeming has ended.

Percentage Value Savings

Offering a percentage off a single item or a percentage off a minimum order amount is a nice incentive. But the success of the text promotion is usually in direct proportion to the perceived value in the consumer’s mind. The higher the percentage off, the more likely it is that a shopper will make it a priority to visit your store or website and take advantage of it. You could offer savings of 10% or 15% but deals taking 20% or 25% off tend to move the needle more.

Dollar Value Savings

Offering $5 off orders of $25 or more or $10 off orders of $50 or more makes it easy for the customer to grasp the savings quickly. It’s the same as offering 20% off an order of the same size, but some shoppers respond better to a dollar-off savings than percentage-off savings, even though they’re equal.

BOGO offers

Promoting a BOGO offer, where one item is sold at the regular price and a second item of equal or lesser value is free, is usually seen around the holidays when consumers are more budget conscious. However, it can also be a popular promotion when seasons change, and a store changes out a lot of its merchandise. BOGO sales help clear out the last of the previous season’s merchandise and encourage shoppers to come in and buy new items for the coming season.

Choosing the Best Signup Keywords

Typically, a great ‘coupons by text’ offer is driven by consumers ‘texting back’ a memorable keyword, a keyword that can be easily used in marketing promotions. It’s best to choose a keyword that is short, easy to type and makes sense. The words “DEALS,” “OFFERS” or “DISCOUNTS” work well for any type of business. Some brands may want to make the keyword more unique. After a customer has signed up for the program, the actual coupon code or discount code will be a sequence of numbers, but that keyword is a great way to attract attention.

Promoting Your Coupons By Text Offers

Make Use of In Store Displays

Make easy-to-read signs that you can display in store windows facing the street for motorists and pedestrians to see. Include interior-facing signage so that customers may sign up for the savings program while they’re out shopping. Smaller signage placed near checkouts may urge those who are waiting to sign up for a discount to do so as well.

Market to Existing Email Subscribers

Simply invite your clients to text a keyword to your phone number if they are currently receiving email communications from you. You can make it a unique term to track how many people joined up after viewing an email, or you can use the same keyword for all text marketing coupon code signups.

Offer Signup From Your Website

The simplest way to get customers to sign up for your website is to build a page that explains what kind of offers they can expect. Include a form with fields for them to fill out, like their name and phone number. Make it obvious that they’ve agreed to get discount offers from your company via text marketing. And that they will be able to opt out via text any time they wish to (as the law requires).

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