New at KHD – Cast Iron Frog Key Hider

New at KHD – Cast Iron Frog Key Hider

April 13, 2022 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Every homeowner knows how crucial it is to have a spare key for their house, which they can use if they ever get locked outside their home or misplace their original key. Most people often tuck their keys under a doormat or flower pot, or place them on windowsills or doors. None of this, however, is wise. Making use of a key hider, like our new Cast Iron Frog Key Hider is a much smarter move, and one that will even enhance your outdoor home decor at the same time too!

Our Cast Iron Frog Key Hider, to a casual observer, will look just like what it is (in part): an attractive, vintage finish cast iron garden ornament. Only you and your family will know its secret, that hidden in the compartment on its back is your spare key. You can place this charming frog in a flowerbed near the door, on a step leading to your home, under a favorite tree or wherever you think it makes most sense for him to ‘live’.

The frog, which is crafted from durable, weather resistant cast iron, is a highly detailed piece of garden decor, and while hidden, the key compartment flips open with ease should you, a family member, your neighbor or your pet sitter need to access it. As a whole, the piece measures 5″ x 4.33″ x 1.77″ and can easily accommodate one or two standard keys and their ring.

You could also make use of this attractive home decor piece indoors, as a key keeper in your hallway, mudroom or kitchen. Misplaced keys often account for a lot of wasted time, but if you ‘entrust’ them to your Cast Iron Frog Key Hider you should never misplace them again!

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