Simple Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

November 19, 2012 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Almost immediately after you have packed the last of the Halloween decorations away it is already time to start thinking about decorating for another holiday that’s one of the biggies, Thanksgiving.

Fewer people put up a lot of Thanksgiving decorations than they do for Halloween or Christmas but everyone does at least want to set a great Thanksgiving dinner table, whether they are serving a meal for four or a meal for forty! However, with the holiday shopping season about to start in earnest few of us actually want (or can even afford) to spend a great deal of money to decorate for Thanksgiving.

With that in mind here are a few inexpensive Thanksgiving decor ideas to help you entertain in style this Turkey Day:

Setting a Great Thanksgiving Table

For it to be visually most effective limit the number of colors you use on your Thanksgiving table and keep those you do feature in the Fall color family. Keeping things simple helps visually as well as practically. All of the very fancy, overloaded Thanksgiving table settings you see in decor magazines might look very nice but actually serving food and eating around all those gourds and flowers? Not so easy at all!

You can add festive touches without going overboard though. Even if they are not going to be drinking wine give everyone a wine glass adorned with a simple wine charm (even the older kids as drinking soda out of a wine glass will seem very grown up). Pull the whole table together with a simple but elegant runner. Light the room with candle lanterns instead of a harsh overhead light to add an even greater sense of warmth. Keeping things simple does not mean boring and it will give you more time to enjoy the festivities yourself.

Easy Candle Centerpieces

Rather than getting too involved in creating a grand centerpiece,  scattered Fall accented candles can be just as effective. To create this simple but very effective look all you need are some chunky pillar candles (you can even go with  flameless candles if safety around a lot of guests is a concern) some assorted glass vases and jars and a bag full of nuts. Putting these elegant table additions together will only take a few minutes and they will look every bit as effective and attractive as a fancy store bought centerpiece.

Pilgrim Place-cards

All you need to create these fun and whimsical pilgrim inspired place-cards are some black plastic cups , some white ribbon for the hat brim and yellow construction paper or felt for the buckle. Write your guests names on the ‘cup hats’ with a metallic marker for extra effect.

In the end of all the holidays in the year Thanksgiving is perhaps the one that is most about the simple act of gathering family and friends together for some good food and even better conversation (even if most of the guests end up dozing in front of the football before the end of the afternoon.) However you choose to decorate , have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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