Making the Most of Instagram for Your Retail Business

December 3, 2012 Off By Koehler Home Decor

Instagram is quickly becoming the go to social network for retailers hoping to find a new way to reach the growing number of people who spend more time accessing the Internet from their mobile devices than they do from their desk-bound PCs or their laptops. With over 100 million subscribers (a number that is still growing every day) Instagram offers retailers the chance to reach a broader demographic than Pinterest as well as an extra source of content to share across their other social media channels.

Like any other social network being used for business purposes the key to success with Instagram is actually getting your pictures seen and gaining followers for your photo-streams. If you are new to the platform – or have yet to give it a try – here are a few tips to help you get started and gain the followers you need to bolster your efforts:

Post Engaging Images – The very first step towards gaining Instagram success is to post images that are attractive and alluring enough to catch, and then hold, the attention of your target audience.

This does not mean that you have to have Annie Liebowitz level photography skills. One of the best things about Instagram is that its filters can work wonders on even a rather mundane shot. Take the time to play around with these tools to see exactly what they can do.

As is the case with Pinterest you should try to vary the images you post to your Instagram feed to focus on things other than your physical products once in a while. Get into the habit of snapping interesting sights as you come across them (and encourage your staff to the same) to review later and consider including in your feed.

Make the Most of Tags – Making good use of the tagging opportunities Instagram offers its users is another must do for business users. They work in the same way – using hashtags # – that Twitter tags do and the minute or so extra spent tagging your images will make them far more searchable for all users.

Be Active – As is the case for all social media platforms you cannot grow an Instagram following if you are not willing to be active on the platform. Pre scheduling apps like Hootsuite do feature an Instagram scheduling tool now but you still need to take the time to comment, like and chat with others users as well.

Go Cross Platform – The thought of adding yet another social network to your to do list is probably not that thrilling of a prospect. However if you use your Instagram feed as content for your other pages you may actually begin to be able to cut down a little on the time spent on social media in general.

Facebook has long said that posts with images create far more engagement than those without and even Twitter is becoming more visually oriented these days. This does not mean that you turn your Facebook page into a continual rehash of your Instagram feed but the fantastic imagery that the Instagram editing tools do allow you to create can certainly be used as great extra content.

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